Alo (Light)


Molla Mashiur Rahman


From mars 20 to décembre 31, 2017


The underprivileged children of the rural community will be benefitted

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Objectif de développement durable

Accès à une education de qualité

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


The objective is to ensure educational inclusivity among the rural people. Rural people are deprived of quality education, this venture will help facilitate the beneficiaries with diverse knowledge. We will provide them extensive genres of books and ensure their proper learning. This project is a part of the humanitarian responsibility which ensures the children’s intellectual development.


JCI believes in the participation of young community. With the implementation of Project Alo a significant number of people in the rural community will have the opportunity to get a large number of books within their reach. This will create positive change within the community and strengthen their position as active citizen. Thus the project ‘Alo’ is aligned with the JCI plan of action.


200 children and 100 other community people are facilitated with different genres of books. The accessibility of the library within the local community encouraged their habit of reading books and sharing knowledge. Educational inclusion among the targeted community have ensured a privileged community and economic development. Finally, to foster constructive and collaborative relationships between the library and the socially excluded community 200 underprivileged children of school and 100 other underprivileged people are benefitted by the implementation of ALO.

 A skilled librarian/librarian is/are kept for maintaining the library and educating the kids.
 Different workshops were arranged for training the children about the significance of the library.
 80% of people have been benefitted from the library.
 Around 25 volunteers were mobilized for conducting the workshops.
 An inspection was made where children’s learning progress was monitored.


Monitoring the maintenance of the library has been done by calculating the number of children benefitted through the noble venture. Ensuring financial development through better education. Training them about the advantage of reading books and the impact of sharing knowledge.
The impact of the project has been described by the below points:
• Economic development
• Improved literacy
• Strengthened community
• Lifelong learning interest

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