Visionary Meeting


Ayşe Öykü Erdoğmuş


From mars 19 to août 20, 2017


With active citizenship awareness, young people should be involved in initiatives to create positive awareness in society and in themselves and to support their individual development.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted



Individual development, human relationships in business life and entrepreneurship.


The guest speakers we invite to our meetings are; is a project we aim to emphasize the leadership and entrepreneurship characteristics of people and to influence our career and future career planning in business life where we have learned the concepts of entrepreneurship and management, how we listen to success and failure stories in business life and how to carry out a project.


Through these trainings, participants are able to express themselves more easily in their daily lives, to distinguish between leadership and management, to acquire the personal development opportunities they need for their individual qualities, to discover their own abilities and discover their abilities, positive change and development has had an impact on survival.


As JCI Balikesir, we will continue to carry out studies that continue to make an impact in society in order to raise young people who have increased their personal awareness in the society and are successful, able to express themselves freely and freely. As a leading global network of young active citizens, we will support our members and prospective members with visionary attendance.

Soutenez notre impact! Les dons financent de nombreux projets nationaux et internationaux contribuant à la formation, au développement et à des changements durables et positifs à travers le monde.