New Year at Children's Haven


Maria Lucia Napata


octobre 13, 2011


Disadvantaged children at the Children's Haven

People impacted



(1) To inspire members to be better to move forward; (2) To remind members to appreciate all the blessings received in the past year and to pay it forward; (3) To give fun to the children at the orphanage on New Year's Day and to make them feel that they have a family on that special day; (4) To stir awareness in the community on the value of volunteerism and sharing of one's blessings to the underprivileged in the society.


New Year is more meaningful if it is spent with your family. It is more meaningful when you spend it with children who are not only orphaned but those who also came from unfavorable situations. Our LOM decided to hold our New Year's party at the Children's Haven together with our family, a shelter for orphaned and abused children operated by the Albert Schweitzer Familienwerk Foundation Philippines Inc. in Pilipog, Cordova. We prepared foods and drinks for the children. Our sponsor, M Lhuillier, is also generous in giving out school bags to the 63 children. In return, the children rendered their talents to entertain us. The orphanage needs assistance to continue operating the shelter like food, clothing, medicines and allowances for the house parents. We have brought in GMA News (Balitang Bisdak) to cover the event and to share the appeal of the orphanage to the public.


We plan to bring our respective family during the New Year party next year. Aside from being a great family bonding activity, this is a good value insight to our children also to appreciate what they have and the joys of giving.


We are inspired to do more meaningful projects that will impact positive change.

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