Batang Leader Award


Bernard Faustino Dy


septiembre 21, 2011


Elementary and High Schools Students

Personas impactadas



To give due recognition and honor to students from elementary and high school for their outstanding leadership and academic excellence.

Visión general

This award has been undertaken annually in line with the organization’s objective to recognize students to inspire them towards greater achievements in their future endeavors honing them to become responsible future leaders in the future. Giving them the proper recognition will serve as their inspiration to become good and productive citizens and hopefully help their communities in creating positive change. This project is in cooperation with the Department of Education.


In order to boost the JCI organization recruitment program media exposure is very important for the LOs and NOMs. It is recommended to implement said project as it’s a good marketing tool for the JCI organization. Having high media impact to the communities will motivate and attract government officials for their support on the project aside from monetary assistance from prospective corporate sponsors.


With the JCI Philippines giving due recognition with the around 8,000 elementary and high school students nationwide honoring their outstanding achievements thru good leadership qualities and academic excellence. At such it boosted inspiration among the awardees students but more importantly gained media mileage for the JCI organization. Giving inspiration to outstanding students will definitely boost morale the their parents will also inspire them to mold their children for greater achievements in life and become good future leaders

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