The newsletter Vabeinet


Ivar Møst


From enero 30 to agosto 31, 2017


The population of the town of Kristiansund and region

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Vabeinet is a local newsletter written by JCI Kristiansund. It's purpose is to make people in Kristiansund and region to be aware of our organization's existence, and to relay important information about our courses, projects and partners to the masses. We have a goal to be read by all the members of JCI Norway, and the citizens of the town of Kristiansund and region.

Visión general

JCI Kristiansunds local president, Monica Castro, wanted to recreate Vabeinet, a newsletter that JCI Kristiansund had used several years prior, but it had since been forgotten. Her husband and JCI Kristiansund member, Erick Castro, became Vabeinets new editor, and he has created several online issues since. Each issue features our sponsors, our upcoming courses/ projects and a post written by a member from JCI Norway or another person of interest.

So far it has been read by 60 people. A humble beginning, but we are gradually growing in readers.

Editor Erick Castro does the all the designs an technical work himself. He has to do the marketing, and communicate with all the different writers.


The editor has already made 3 online newsletters. This is an ongoing project, and JCI Kristiansund hopes it can continue for as long as possible.

Vabeinet is read by 60 people so far, but our goals are to be read by all of JCI Norway, and the town of Kristiansund and region. This will make us more marketable, and we don't have to rely on the local medias goodwill to make our achievements known.

One of our sponsors, Havnekontoret AS, let's us borrow a meeting-room for free each month.

Although the editor, Erick Castro, does all the practical work with Vabeinet, he could never have accomplished his work without the written contributions from JCI members, instructors and guests. Not only do we market our local chapters accomplishments, but also other chapters projects, courses and events. And we market our JCI instructors and local businesses.


Vabeinet needs more feedback from the members. The editor needs this feedback to do a better job.

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