The children's fidget spinner challenge


Ivar Møst


julio 1, 2017


Children between 4-14 years old

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Our purpose was twofold:

1. We wanted to prove ourselves to the leaders of the Tahiti-festival (a local festival in Norway), that JCI Kristiansund could handle the responsibility of supervising the children's fidget spinner challenge (a children contest on the last day of the concert).

If we proved ourselves a both competent and reliable in this task, we were assured we would be given larger tasks next year. If we succeded, we would both create economic growth for our local chamber and make a name for ourselves in the community.

2. We wanted to give the children a great contest they would enjoy.

Visión general

The contest started around 11 in the morning. Most children came with their parents, and were instructed to split into lesser groups based on their age (4-6/ 7-9 and 10-14). The children were given fidget spinners to compete with. Children of the same age group competed against each other. The children were given harder and harder tricks to perform until a winner in each age category was declared. The winners won a bag filled with candy.

We had a ton of sponsors (DNB bank, Amfi Futura, Astoria hotell and Security Norway to name a few).


1. We raised 31 750 kroner (NOK) from our sponsors. We had a ton of sponsors, who were DNB Bank, Amfi Futura, Security Norway and Astoria hotell to name a few.

2. 2000 children competed in the "The children's fidget spinner challenge", and it was a huge success. Due to our success, we will be granted greater responsibility next year.

3. Our local chapter, JCI Kristiansund, got much needed recognition in the community. Local businesses and the media know who we are now, and what we stand for. This in turn will grant us more sponsors, and cooperation with the local media and businesses in later projects.


The Tahiti-festival needs to be planned earlier next year. In a way, the fact that the festival was running late, worked in JCI Kristiansunds favor, because we were granted the responsibility of the children's fidget spinners challenge at the last minute. But as we will be granted greater responsibilities next year, we should avoid running late. This years lateness were not our fault, but we should use our influence and expertise in running projects to help run the festival in time next year.

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