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Apr 06, 2015 JCI Mauritius (JCI Port Louis) : JCI Mauritius New Leaders for positive change
Mar 30, 2015 JCI Benin (JCI Etincelle) : Rentrée Locale 2015
Mar 28, 2015 JCI Suriname (JCI Female) : JCI Female D2A
Mar 26, 2015 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Sofia) : Looking for Young Outstanding Bulgarians in 10 Fields. Are You One of Them?
Mar 25, 2015 JCI Norway (JCI Drammen) : Lokalforening utvikler fremtidens ledere
Mar 25, 2015 JCI Turkey (JCI Adana) : Consumer Seminar For Entrepreneurs
Mar 24, 2015 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Sofia) : JCI is Looking for Top Ten Outstanding Young People of Bulgaria
Mar 21, 2015 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Sofia) : The Program the Ten Most Outstanding Young People of Bulgaria is Launced
Mar 20, 2015 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Sofia) : Looking For Ten Outstanding Young Persons
Mar 20, 2015 JCI Bangladesh (JCI Dhaka North) : Women on the Move
Mar 19, 2015 JCI Argentina (JCI Bahia Blanca) : ENCUESTA MY WORLD
Mar 15, 2015 JCI Ghana (JCI City Mines) : 2015 JCI Ghana National General Assembly.
Mar 13, 2015 JCI Mauritius (JCI City Plus) : JCI City Plus – Smile Project for students
Mar 13, 2015 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Sofia) : The World Famopus project The Outstanding Young Persons - TOYP Launched
Mar 12, 2015 JCI West Indies (JCI Barbados) : JCI Barbados promises an EPIC Year for 100 anniversary
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