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Nov 03, 2014 JCI Usa (Mount Pleasant) : It’s Alive! Halloween Ghosts Revive Zombie Strip Malls
Oct 27, 2014 JCI Bulgaria (JCI Varna) : JCI Language Cafe Varna ART
Oct 25, 2014 JCI Norway (JCI Molde) : Gjemnes-jente falt 16 meter, nå nomineres hun til internasjonal pris
Oct 24, 2014 JCI Norway (JCI Oslo) : Benedicte Nylund stiller i debatt-NM
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Jonesboro) : US Jaycees Fight Malaria Coast-to-Coast
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Hoopeston) : Jaycees plan Halloween celebrations
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Austin) : Oktoberfest comes to Austin
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Schaller) : Halloween attraction opens season with a scream
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Blount County) : Plans underway for Maryville Jaycees Christmas Parade
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Chatham) : Chatham wins 2014 Governor’s Hometown Award
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (St Rosa) : St. Rosa Jaycees are hosting a Blood Drive on October 24
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Savannah) : Savannah Jaycees look to form Statesboro chapter
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Salisbury) : Volunteering is one path to leadership
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Mount Prospect) : Turkey Trot
Oct 16, 2014 JCI Usa (Lincoln IL) : Lincoln Jaycees Chicago Street Asylum
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