JCI News Honoring Young Entrepreneurs: Announcing the 2012 JCI CYEA Finalists
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JCI CYEA presents young active citizens who bring social responsibility and innovation to the business world. 

JCI celebrates outstanding young entrepreneurs under the age of 40 with the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (JCI CYEA) each year. These individuals use creativity and innovation to establish a business or improve an existing venture while adhering to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Working in partnership with Flanders District of Creativity, JCI is pleased to announce the 2012 JCI CYEA finalists:


Wei Yee Choi of Sunlight Taxi from Malaysia

Choi is CEO of Sunlight Taxi, making her responsible for the overall operation of the company. Established in 1996, Sunlight Taxi performs three main businesses, taxi fleet operation, a 24-hour call center and a one-stop service center. Choi has focused the company’s efforts on reducing time and costs for the customers while increasing income and productivity for the employees and drivers. Sunlight Taxi also follows many of the principles of the UN Global Compact including environmental sustainability and human rights within their day-to-day business practices. 


Paseka Lesolang of WHC, South Africa

Lesolang serves as managing director at WHC, W for Water which is their substance focus, H for Hygiene representing the green economy they serve and C for Convenience describing the innovative technology and services provided. Lesolang oversees product innovation, team management and business development. WHC produces The Dynamic Lavatory and Digester, a water-saving toilet system that improves hygiene and sanitation, boosting environmental sustainability in any community where it is installed. 


Katja Noponen of Katja Noponen Ltd, Finland*

Noponen is founder and managing director of Katja Noponen Ltd., an occupational rehabilitation company that helps people find a new job through outplacement services and career counseling. They use individual rather than group coaching, allowing their customers to receive specialized rehabilitation catered to their personal skills and local job market. Her company also follows a green office program recycling waste, utilizing low energy machines and encouraging group transportation to and from work.

*Due to personal circumstances, Katja Noponen will not be able to travel to Taipei, Taiwan to compete in the final interview, but is still recognized as a 2012 JCI CYEA Finalist.


James Yong Chau Leong of the Aulis Group, Malaysia

Yong is Founder and Group Managing Director of the Aulis Group. The Aulis Group is made up of fifteen subsidiary companies specializing in recycling and rebuilding of used vehicles, vehicle inspection and automobile production. The Aulis Group demonstrates its commitment to CSR through their strict pollution control policies followed during all manufacturing processes. Their emissions testing machines also ensure the cars they produce will have minimal impact on the environment. James Yong is a member of JCI Tanjung Aru in Sabah, Malaysia.


And the Winner is…

The judges carefully selected the finalists from among 43 entries from 21 countries across the globe. The 2012 finalists will present their business plans to a panel of judges and delegates at the 2012 JCI CYEA competition final round Thursday, November 22, 2012 at the JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.


JCI CYEA is run in partnership with Flanders District of Creativity (Flanders DC) and is open to all entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40, JCI members and nonmembers alike. Flanders DC is a Flemish governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurial creativity throughout the region to make Flanders a more creative, more prosperous and more ambitious place to live and work. 


To learn more about the 2012 JCI CYEA finalists, press releases are also available. 

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