JCI News 2012 JCI Global Partnership Summit: Advancing the UN Millennium Development Goals
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From July 25 to 27, JCI members united with leaders from the business, government and civil sectors to brainstorm new ideas for tackling global issues. 

The 2012 JCI Global Partnership Summit focused on the fact that no single entity can answer the world’s greatest challenges alone. It is through the cooperation and shared ideas of young people across all three sectors of society that we can take action to create positive change together. Young people must realize their unique role in this movement to change the world for the better, ensuring a bright future for generations to come. 


Discussions to Create Lasting Change

At the Summit, delegates analyzed their challenge to create change through a series of interactive discussions, workshops and case studies each day. JCI members and guests participated in panels considering creative solutions to a variety of global problems facing their communities. They also learned how to identify and solve the root of problems at the JCI Impact Training, which focused on creating action-based, sustainable change through the JCI Active Citizen Framework


Notable guest speakers such as Managing Partner of the Best Companies Partnership and recent JCI Ambassadorship recipient Wayne Clarke, UN Foundation Nothing But Nets Director Chris Helfrich, UN Foundation Senior Advisor and National Advocate Gillian Sorensen and ONE Campaign Global Policy Director Ben Leo, provided insight into how young people play an important role in addressing global problems at their roots. Many of these discussions revolved around the UN Millennium Development Goals (UN MDGs) and how they encompass most everyday challenges. Delegates learned how active citizens can look at the UN MDGs that apply to their specific community and create projects based on advancing these goals.  


Hitting the Streets of the “Big Apple”

Delegates took their knowledge and passion for the UN MDGs to the streets of New York for the Go For the Goals community project. More than 100 delegates participated in three different activities: 

  • Some delegates interviewed citizens about their knowledge of and opinions on the UN MDGs for a JCI documentary. 
  • Others promoted the signing of a petition created by JCI in partnership with the United Nations Association (UNA) of the USA and the UN Foundation. The petition asks world governments for increased funding to advance the UN MDGs. JCI members collected more than 1,500 signatures online and in person. 
  • Delegates looking to show their creative skills created a piece of art that represents their commitment to the UN MDGs. Mandy Gor, a local New York artist and UNA New York member provided the supplies and initial design. The resulting artwork looks like waves from afar, but up close, you can see the contribution of individuals through the words of the Millennium Declaration and images representing the eight UN MDGs. The inspiration for the work came from the poet Kahlil Gibran: “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans,” a quote which symbolizes how every individual can work to advance the MDGs and make a difference on a global scale. 

Dedicated to Action Through the UN MDGs

The delegates put their commitments and ideas to paper with the 2012 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution. According to the Resolution, each JCI National Organization will take identify a need in its country within the framework of the UN MDGs and create a project based on this need by the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan. The launch of these projects will commence on JCI Active Citizen Day, December 11, 2012. 


Start thinking now about what project you can create to address the UN MDGs in your community. Upload your current projects to the JCI Project Gallery to share your initiatives with and provide inspiration to your fellow members. 


Catch up on all the exciting events from the JCI Global Partnership Summit by watching the JCILive UStream videos


Share your photos and memories from the Summit on the JCI Facebook page.

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