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Hosted in Hong Kong, JCI members gathered for the Asia-Pacific Conference from June 7 to 10, 2012. 

From 40 different countries, 4,854 delegates gathered at the 2012 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference, which offered a variety of training, seminars and events focused on developing the each delegate’s skills. 


Celebrations of Impact

Starting out with a vibrant Opening Ceremony, 3,000 delegates celebrated an unforgettable evening. Shaolin Kung Fu, a 70-foot dragon dance, drums and aqua band show, wowed the audience with outstanding performances. This unique entertainment showcased the diverse eastern and western influences on the culture of Hong Kong. 


To welcome all the delegates to the Conference, 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems and 2012 JCI Executive Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Batbayar Ulziidelger gave the opening remarks. Guest of Honor, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Donald Tsang also encouraged the delegates to turn their passion into action to create a better world. After a dazzling explosion of fireworks officially kicked off this annual event, delegates continued their celebrations at the Hong Kong Welcome Night party. 


Skills for Change

JCI Programs allowed delegates to strengthen their public speaking and teamwork skills. For the first time ever at a JCI Asia-Pacific Conference, a JCI Debating Championship took place. Participants exercised their ability to express their opinions while listening to the opposing team’s views. The ability to debate is an essential skill for young active citizens looking to lead others and create change in their community. 


A special guest, Mr. Simon Zhou, from the UN Millennium Development Goal Program educated delegates about the UN Global Compact. He discussed the Ten Principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. Zhou explained the importance of companies’ commitment to protecting human rights, anti-corruption, labor standards and the environment for both their customers and their employees. During the General Assembly, future event sites were discussed. The 2013 JCI Asia-Pacific Conference will be held in Gwangju, Korea and the 2014 Conference will be held in Yamagata, Japan. 


Spirit of Service 

To recognize local citizens living with disabilities, nearly 400 people – both JCI members and Hong Kong citizens – participated in a community outreach project. The project involved a group of blind people who overcame their physical disability and learned how to play soccer. After lots of practice, hard work and dedication, they developed into a professional soccer team. For the project, JCI members wore glasses to alter their eyesight and experience what the blind team players go through everyday. The professional handicapped players and the JCI delegates participated in a friendly soccer match. This public event allowed both players and the crowd to appreciate their ability to see and raised awareness of the need to support those with disabilities in the Hong Kong community. 


See you next year at the JCI Asia-Pacific Conference in Gwangju, Korea. 


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