JCI News Creating Change in Haiti Through JCI Operation Hope
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Join JCI Haiti as they work to give youth a voice in the country’s rebuilding.

2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems visited Haiti in early 2012, leaving him in shock and disbelief of the current situation of the country. As a result, President Daems has renewed JCI’s commitment to help the people of Haiti in sustainable recovery efforts by putting the spotlight and our focus back on Haiti. 


JCI Haiti received a grant from JCI Operation Hope, but in order to realize their dream of building a community center, they need the support of JCI members around the world. 


Overcoming Challenges

The citizens of Haiti have faced significant challenges since their independence in the early 1800s, including political struggles, economic imbalance and border disputes.  By the 1900s, Haitians faced poverty poor and foreign occupation. Now, Haiti is struggling to rebuild in the wake of the earthquake in 2010 


JCI’s strength lies in harnessing the energy and motivation of young people within a community, both empowering these young active citizens and positively impacting the community. As these young people realize the potential within them, JCI can help Haitians take action inspired by hope. 


Creating a Bright Future 

Members of JCI Haiti are constructing a project proposal to build on the needs and abilities of the people of Haiti. It is up to Haitians to promote positive change within their community with the support of JCI members around the world. 


Thanks to the generous support of JCI members through JCI Operation Hope, JCI Haiti has purchased land outside of Port-au-Prince and is constructing a Multipurpose Community Center. This community center will create a clean space for meetings, events and community activities that support Haitians in their efforts to create solutions. Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, houses about one third of the population of Haiti and was severely damaged by the 2010 earthquake. The building of a structurally sound community center will serve as an inspiration to others as they rebuild their city and their country.


JCI Haiti has created “52/52,” a campaign asking every member of JCI to donates USD $52 in 52 weeks, or $1 a week. Through this goal, JCI Haiti will have the funds needed to build the community center in Port-au-Prince. With the support of the JCI community, this money will be used efficiently and effectively for the sustainable recovery of Haiti. 


Take Action Today

JCI members around the world can support the JCI Haiti Multipurpose Community Center through JCI Operation Hope


Learn more about how you can help on the JCI Operation Hope for Haiti page on Crowdrise. 

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