JCI News June Impact Month is your Shot at Glory

Your current status is INACTIVE. This status gives you limited access to JCI services. Please contact your Local President to be activated.

Upload photos of your projects now for the chance to have your pictures displayed to JCI members across the world!

For the month of June, we want to see how you are turning your passion into action with photographs of your creative JCI projects and activities. If you have already taken strong action and captured the impact in photos, upload those now. If you’re launching a project this month, get out your cameras and make sure you record the positive change you’re creating!

Choose the five best pictures of you and your fellow JCI members making an impact and upload them to the JCI Action Shots page on Flickr. The photos that best demonstrate turning passion into action will be included in a new JCI Facebook photo album and will be featured in a slide show that will play before the JCI Morning Shows at the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

Follow the five easy steps on the JCI Impact Month page in the JCI President’s Corner to add your photos to the JCI Action Shots Flickr page and make sure you include the following information so appropriate credit is given.

E-mail Address:

JCI Local Organization:
JCI National Organization:
Photo Caption:

As an alternative, you can also upload your photo to the JCI Facebook page, but the quality of the photos you upload will automatically be reduced by Facebook and will therefore not appear in high resolution and may not be used in the JCI Morning Show slide show.

Contest Rules

  1. Only photos submitted to the JCI Action Shots group on Flickr during the month of June 2012 will be considered.
  2. Each JCI member is limited to uploading five photos for consideration in the competition. Any additional photos will not be evaluated.
  3. All photographs must include the name, JCI Local and National Organization and email address of the JCI member submitting the photo.
  4. Each photo must include a caption describing the action taking place during the shot.

All photos will be reviewed by 2012 JCI President Bertolt Daems, and the photos that best demonstrate how JCI members are turning their passion into action will be highlighted in a JCI Facebook photo album and saved for display as a slide show before the JCI Morning Show at the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

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