JCI News Meilleur Derek Murindabigwi of Rwanda selected as one of the 2011 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World
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For his extraordinary work in empowering youth and defending freedom of expression, Meilleur Derek Murindabigwi of Rwanda was named a 2011 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) recipient in the category of personal improvement and/or accomplishment. After witnessing genocide in his home country, Murindabigwi wanted to provide a fresh start for the youth of Rwanda. He observed the manipulation of the media and the thoughts of hatred and division still spread across the Internet, even after the turmoil. Murindabigwi wanted to create a newfound freedom for the people of Rwanda through easy access to timely, valuable news and information. Murindabigwi and 12 other student volunteers started igihe.com, which has become the most visited website in Rwanda. Igihe.com publishes Rwandan breaking news and other daily information in the form of articles and videos. It is now published in three languages and has a full-time employed staff. The website has also expanded into an entire IT company, Igihe Ltd. Through Igihe Ltd., Murindabigwi continues to provide the youth of Rwanda hope and unity after such a violent struggle in their country. His hard work and commitment to sharing the truth is an integral part of creating a new environment of positive change away from prejudice and hate. JCI TOYP JCI (Junior Chamber International) honors ten outstanding young people under the age of 40 each year. These individuals exemplify the spirit of the JCI Mission and provide extraordinary service to their communities. Whether through service, innovation, determination or revolutionary thinking, these young active citizens create positive impacts in their communities. These ten young active citizens will be honored at the 2011 JCI TOYP Ceremony and reception Wednesday, November 2 at the JCI World Congress in Brussels, Belgium. About JCI: JCI is a worldwide membership-based nonprofit organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. Through projects in more than 5,000 communities across more than 100 countries, members seek targeted solutions to local problems, creating a global impact. Visit www.jci.cc to learn more. Contact: Krissy Durant, Programs Manager, JCI (Junior Chamber International) programs@jci.cc
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