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April 25th is a day to celebrate progress in the fight against Malaria and commit to making even greater impact. Whether it be through honoring lives lost or lives saved in the fight, World Malaria Day is a day to recognize these individuals and especially the efforts being made globally to control the disease.

JCI’s global network includes nearly 200,000 young active citizens in over 120 countries around the world. However, these numbers do not indicate the much broader network of individuals who have impacted their communities while inspired by the JCI Mission: former JCI members who have exceeded the membership age.  

Written by JCI Acting Secretary General Arrey Obenson


March, like June and September are designated as JCI Impact months. In these months we recognize the incredible work of JCI members who through their projects touch lives and transform communities across the world.  

In 1915, a global movement was born by one man with one vision, the JCI Movement.  

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