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At the 2009 JCI World Congress in Hammamet, Tunisia, over 2,500 delegates came from 96 countries to experience programs, parties and new ways to create positive change in a beautiful setting. Read on for some of the highlights.


The General Assembly elected the 2010 Board of Directors.

President: Roland Kwemain, JCI Cameroon

Immediate Past President: Jun Sup Shin, JCI Korea

General Legal Counsel: Dennis Cunanan, JCI Philippines

Treasurer: John Weber, JCI USA

Executive Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and their assigned National Organizations
Africa and the Middle East
Executive Vice President: Joseph Pheto, JCI Botswana

Vice President: Maher Bahy, JCI Tunisia (assigned to JCI Botswana, JCI Cameroon, JCI Chad, JCI Jordan, JCI Kenya, JCI Lebanon, JCI Mozambique, JCI Rwanda, JCI Syria)

Vice President: Donald Indingui, JCI Gabon (assigned to JCI Comoros, JCI Cote d’Ivoire, JCI Guinea, JCI Madagascar, JCI Mali, JCI Morocco, JCI Tunisia, JCI Zimbabwe)

Vice President: Laho Bangoura, JCI Guinea (assigned to JCI Benin, JCI Burkina Faso, JCI Congo, JCI Gabon, JCI Niger, JCI Senegal, JCI Togo)

Vice President: Shingai Ndoro, JCI Zimbabwe (assigned to JCI Ghana, JCI Mauritius, JCI Namibia, JCI Nigeria, JCI South Africa, JCI Tanzania, JCI Uganda, JCI Zambia)

Asia and the Pacific
Executive Vice President: Kentaro Harada, JCI Japan

Vice President: Govindarajan Sivankumar, JCI India (assigned to JCI Bangladesh, JCI Hong Kong, JCI Macao, JCI Pacific, JCI Thailand, JCI Vietnam)

Vice President: Edward Calvo, JCI Pacific (assigned to JCI India, JCI Mongolia, JCI Maldives, JCI Nepal, JCI Pakistan, JCI Sri Lanka)

Vice President: Batbayar Ulziidelger, JCI Mongolia (assigned to JCI Japan, JCI Korea, JCI Philippines, JCI Taiwan)

Vice President: Masaichi Ikeda, JCI Japan (assigned to JCI Australia, JCI French Polynesia, JCI Indonesia, JCI Malaysia, JCI New Zealand, JCI Singapore)

The Americas
Executive Vice President: Michelle McAllister, JCI USA

Vice President: Lenny Garvizu, JCI Bolivia (assigned to JCI Canada, JCI USA, JCI West Indies)

Vice President: Gustavo Larrota, JCI Colombia (assigned to JCI Argentina, JCI Bolivia, JCI Brazil, JCI Chile, JCI Paraguay, JCI Peru, JCI Uruguay)

Vice President: Iris Oro, JCI Panama (assigned to JCI Colombia, JCI Costa Rica, JCI Ecuador, JCI Guatemala, JCI Haiti, JCI Honduras, JCI Nicaragua, JCI Venezuela)

Vice President: Patricia Rodriguez, JCI Ecuador (assigned to JCI Dutch Caribbean, JCI Mexico, JCI Panama, JCI Puerto Rico, JCI Republica Dominicana, JCI Suriname)

Executive Vice President: Bertolt Daems, JCI Netherlands

Vice President: Liina Joller, JCI Estonia (assigned to JCI Belgium, JCI Greece, JCI Italy, JCI Malta, JCI Netherlands, JCI Serbia)

Vice President: Tugrul Akay, JCI Turkey (assigned to JCI Bulgaria, JCI France, JCI Poland, JCI Romania, JCI Russia, JCI Slovakia, JCI Ukraine)

Vice President: Thomas Meuli, JCI Switzerland (assigned to JCI Denmark, JCI Estonia, JCI Finland, JCI Iceland, JCI Latvia, JCI Lithuania, JCI Norway, JCI Sweden)

Vice President: Serge Goussaert, JCI Belgium (assigned to JCI Austria, JCI Germany, JCI Ireland, JCI Luxemburg, JCI Scotland, JCI Switzerland, JCI United Kingdom)

Vice President: Chiara Milani, JCI Italy (assigned to JCI Armenia, JCI Catalonia, JCI Cyprus, JCI Hungary, JCI Monaco, JCI Portugal, JCI Turkey)

The 2010 JCI President also announced the 2010 Appointees.
Find the complete list of appointees in the full 2009 World Congress Report.


2009 JCI Awards
The 2009 JCI Awards Ceremony on Thursday, November 19 showcased the best of the best in JCI. Awards honored National Organizations, Local Organizations and individuals. Download the complete 2009 World Congress Report for a full list of 2009 Award winners.

The 2009 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (JCI TOYP) ceremony honored 10 young active citizens who are living the JCI Mission in extraordinary ways. Read about the 2009 JCI TOYP honorees.

2009 JCI Executive President for Africa and the Middle East Roland Kwemain presented the 2010 Plan of Action. All initiatives in the plan will seek to accomplish three principal goals stemming from the 2008 JCI Strategic Plan, notably:
  1. An increase in membership
  2. A repositioning of the organization through marketing and communications
  3. The implementation of UN Millennium Development Goals with emphasis on the JCI Nothing But Nets campaign.
Read the full 2010 Plan of Action to learn how to implement it in your organization.

New Rules for JCI Training
The JCI Training Commission decided on new rules for JCI Training. The rules affect Prime graduates and applications for CLT and CLT+25. Additionally, those who register and do not attend JCI Official Courses will now be suspended. Read more about the new rules.

Upload 2010 Directory Information
Tell the world about your organization, and make sure you stay informed. National Presidents, National Secretaries General and National Secretaries now have access to upload National Organization’s 2010 directory information to the JCI website. Update your Secretariat information, 2010 Board of Directors, Local Organization information and key documents by December 31 to receive 100% Efficiency points. Visit the Around the World page to get started. Questions? Contact

Get Started on 2010 with 100% Efficiency
100% Efficiency is a program to help National Organizations run effectively through concrete goals. Start planning for next year now by meeting the December 100% Efficiency deadlines. Learn the rules, or contact for more information.

Second ICC Young Arbitrators Forum Global Conference to be held in Brazil
The second ICC Young Arbitrators Forum (YAF) Global Conference in Rio de Janerio 11-13 December will focus on investment arbitration, cross border insolvency, and international arbitration. Lean more about the conference and register today.


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