A roadmap to finding sustainable solutions to challenges facing communities around the world. By identifying root causes of problems, building partnerships across sectors, developing an effective plan to take concrete action, and evaluating your impact, we believe everyone can create positive change.

The first step in developing projects that create positive change involves analyzing the community and assessing its needs. To make a lasting impact we must critically examine and understand the most pressing problems around us. This means engaging members of the community to ask them what issues they face. 

By distributing surveys, meeting with officials and conducting forums with business owners and residents, you will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges the community faces and their root causes. 

Continue to ask "why" until you reach the root cause behind the problem. By formulating solutions that address the root causes of problems, you will be ensuring your project leads to sustainable impact and positive change for the community.

Once you have identified a priority need and it's root cause, you can begin formulating sustainable solutions that address the issue. Problems in the community can be tackled through three integrated stages of development that drive a society towards prosperity.

To explore the integrated stages of Health and Wellness, Education and Economic Empowerment and Sustainability, click on the buildings below. Young active citizens can adapt these three steps separately or in combination to help any community based on its unique situation. 

Once you have identified the root cause of your need and developed a sustainable solution to address the probelm, the time has come to take action with your community. Throughout the planning and action phases of a project, approach and engage potential partners that have objectives similar to those of JCI and goals that align with your project.

By following the steps outlined in the JCI Active Citizen Framework, partners will gain a clear understanding of thebenefits of partnership with JCI and how they might contribute to the many aspects of the initative. Look at ways to increase impact by sharing resources, engaging all sectors of society and creating shared value for the community. When leveraging the strength of partners and the action of JCI members, you can achieve more than by working independently.  


Impact Course

Needs Analysis

Formulating Sustainable solutions

Taking Action With Partners

Monitoring, evaluating and reporting